It’s Time to change the Narrative! Engaging Latino Talent Sep 14, 2022

Support and accelerate Latino Talent.

A frame-changing webinar that will help you foster an inclusive workplace that engages your Latino Talent.

Latinos come from a strong and proud culture that informs every aspect of their life, including their work and workplace relationships. Building your cultural competence will empower you to support the success of the Latinos you lead and work with.

In this interactive live webinar, we build your workplace cultural competence by discussing key aspects of the Latino culture and worldview that directly impact their work and work relationships, including:

  • Beliefs unique to the Latino culture that often result in expectations and behaviors that are different from, and sometimes seemingly at odds with, those of non-Hispanics.
  • Differences within the Latino/Hispanic community—such as between U.S.-born and immigrant Hispanics, and between people from different countries of origin —that have a significant and often unrecognized, impact on how
    workers interact with each other as well as with non-Hispanics.
  • Targeted insights and examples, providing you with the tools and techniques to adapt to, and unleash, your Latino talent in every aspect of the company workplace – from recruitment, engaging and retaining to
    mentoring and developing Latino leaders.

Join us in the Engage Latino Talent webinar

  • “I loved this webinar! It transported me to the perspective of my Latino colleagues. We are more productive and strategic.”

    - Sam Shah

    “I wish I would have taken this course 10-years ago when I started in the commercial building industry, I would have been a better boss and tapped into the deep and unrealized capabilities of my Latino talent.”

    - Ashton Page
  • “After attending Engaging Latino Talent, I am looking at my Latino employees with a whole new understanding – amazing”

    - Jack Edwards

    “Finally, a workshop that spoke to me and my career angst. It has been career, and even life, changing”

    - Juliana Gonzales
  • "We are providing Latino professionals the opportunity to gain self-awareness and cultural intelligence to support their career journey while being true to their values and identity."

    - Maryanne Piña Frodsham

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