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national LCA™ Latino Career Progression Study

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The growing economic contribution of Latinos in the United States cannot be denied. This community is becoming increasingly important to the country’s workforce and economy. However, there is still a significant gap in the career progression of Latino talent. This is why the LCA™ Latino Career Progression Study is a groundbreaking resource that offers organizations the tools and knowledge they need to support their Latino talent and help narrow the Latino Career Chasm. With the right support and guidance, Latinos can continue to thrive in their careers and make an even greater impact on the economy.

To address and narrow the Latino Career Chasm, the Latino Career Assessment™ was used to gather data for the LCA™ Latino Career Progression Study. The study uncovered important insights and impacts that drive the advancement of Latino professionals in their careers. The study results translate data-driven insights into a path to career success for each Latino professional and a roadmap of high-impact focus and investment for organizations dedicated to building the community.

Providing science-based career insights to Latina and Latino professionals can catalyze this cohort that is already leading the growth of our country's New Mainstream Economy.
- Sol Trujillo,
International CEO & Co-Founder of L'ATTITUDE

The LCA™ Latino Career Progression Study has identified 14 Career Predictors that lead to sustained career success, emphasizing the importance of the order in which these predictors are developed. The following progression of development leads to more substantial and better-sustained career success:

  • Personal
    Initial focus on the beliefs and abilities core to career effectiveness.
  • Interpersonal
    Behaviors that expand abilities that are core to career opportunities and advocacy.
  • Organization
    Influence and impact. effectiveness.
Latinos have the highest workforce participation rate in the United States. Companies that don't provide focused development to our community will be significantly disadvantaged. The LCA™ and study is a game changer for Latino professionals and companies.
- Gary Acosta,
CEO of NAHREP and Co-Founder of L'ATTITUDE

CMP is committed to providing data-driven insights and strategies to deliver a roadmap to achieving successful Latino career progression.

Overall, the study’s insights into Latino identity and career success offer valuable guidance for anyone looking to thrive in today’s rapidly changing economy and workforce.

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"We are providing Latino professionals the opportunity to gain self-awareness and cultural intelligence to support their career journey while being true to their values and identity."
- Maryanne Piña Frodsham

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