The LCA™ Career Predictors are research-based practices of career success for Latino professionals. They provide a pathway for your self-awareness and career development.

14 LCA™ Career Predictors

  • Networking and Advocacy.
  • Career Alignment with Purpose and Values.
  • Learning Continuously.
  • Dealing with Prejudice and Discrimination.
  • Practicing Determination and Grit.
  • Extending Influence.
  • Taking Initiative.
  • Investing in Relationships.
  • Leveraging Diversity.
  • Being Optimistic.
  • Taking Calculated Risk.
  • Increasing Self-Awareness and Impact.
  • Speaking Up.
  • Thinking Outside the Box.

The Adelante Workshop will empower your career success by helping you apply the LCA™ Career Predictors to your career journey.

Participants will follow the i3LCA™ Processfor sustainable and behavioral change.

Are you ready to move forward?
  • The LCA™ was the perfect tool to help me identify my strengths and opportunities. Having worked in corporate America for +15 years, the LCA™ confirmed for me that I was owning my career and taking the necessary actions to be a successful Latino Professional. I encourage all Latinos in corporate America to take the LCA™ to ensure their goals are within reach and their foundation is set for a successful career.

    - Eric Flores, Texas Capital Bank

    Having over 15 years of work experience, I thought I knew my strengths and weaknesses. After taking the LCA™ Assessment, it helped me identify certain behaviors I didn’t realize were holding me back. Utilizing the results of the LCA™ Assessment gave me an action plan to improve those behaviors and become more impactful at work.

    - Jesse Treviño, CBRE
If more Latinos have access to insights like the LCA™ the gap between mid-level and executive-level management can shrink in the blink of an eye. Understanding what behaviors hold us back will push us forward with success.
- Jesse Treviño, CBRE

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