The LCATM is the culmination of years of research into the barriers Latinos consistently face as they move into corporate America. This included an extensive review of previous research, structured focus groups with Latino professionals, and consultations with leaders in the Latino community. Finally, we applied an accepted methodology to develop the first-ever validated career assessment and development tool focused on the Latino professional.

Our vision was realized with the Latino Career Assessment (LCATM). This research overview will outline the LCA’s construction process, including emerging theme identification, final LCA™ Career Predictors development, and item and rating scale construction. We also outline best practices for correctly and consistently utilizing the LCATM for its specific and intended purpose: as a self-guided, practical, and culturally aligned developmental experience for Latinos at any stage of their educational and career journey.

"We are providing Latino professionals the opportunity to gain self-awareness and cultural intelligence to support their career journey while being true to their values and identity."
- Maryanne Piña Frodsham

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